Lusdemar Jacquez Rivera || HAB

My dissertation focuses on the intellectual dialogue between Judaism and Christianity. It aims to contribute to the understanding of how Jewish Thought, specifically Kabbalah, influenced Early Modern Philosophy and Theology in Europe, as well as the textual transmission of Kabbalah during Modernity. It analyzes the extent to which the Latin translations of Christian Knorr von […]

Giovanni Lista || HAB

Translating Fontenelle: Johann Christoph Gottsched’s Gespräche von mehr als einer Welt (1726) as a scientific encyclopaedia My stay at the Herzog August Bibliothek is part of my latest project, revolving around the European translations of Bernard de Fontenelle’s astronomical bestseller Entretiens sur la pluralité des mondes (1686). At the intersection of history of science, cultural […]

Hyun-Ah Kim || HAB

This research presents the first in-depth exploration of the relationship between music, rhetoric and Christian Hebraism in early modern Europe, by reappraising the significance of Johannes Reuchlin (1455–1522)’s study of Kabbalah and Hebrew cantillation, in relation to the humanist tradition of rhetoric as philosophy and of music as rhetoric. Few studies have investigated how Renaissance […]

Tibor Bodnár-Király || HAB

Samuel Pufendorf and the emergence of history of state in the Early Enlightenment This project gives notice to Pufendorf’s chapter in the Enlightenment empiricisation and historicisation, with special regard to his contribution to the emergence of history of state (Staatsgeschichte). In this sense, Pufendorf is an ideal choice to examine, as his texts stand at […]

APIS – Neue Open Access Publikationsplattform || HAB

Wolfenbüttel, 15.3.2024 Veröffentlicht werden auf Apis vornehmlich digitale oder hybride Open Access Publikationen der historischen Sammlungsforschung, aber auch angrenzender Gebiete, in Kooperation mit Verlagen oder unabhängig davon. Mit der Reihe „Kulturen des Sammelns. Akteure, Objekte, Medien“ erschienen seit Januar 2024 bereits zwei Publikationen in Kooperation mit dem Wallstein Verlag online. Sieben weitere Publikationen werden im […]