Dmitry Biriukov || HAB

The project investigates the ways in which Chalcedonian and Monophysite thinkers adopted conflicting physical paradigms to establish and clarify their Christological positions. The paradigms in questions are (a) the Stoic doctrine concerning the total blending of physical bodies, widely used by Chalcedonians to support their Christology; and (b) the doctrine of bodily mixing characteristic of […]

Anneke de Bont || HAB

Anneke de Bont’s PhD dissertation, titled ‘The Christian Epistemic Image in Northern European Print, c.1570–1700’, is concerned with the printed visualisation of subjects on the boarders between science and religion in late-sixteenth- and seventeenth-century northern Europe. Expanding upon existing research into the ways in which religion was implicit in the visual culture of the ‘Scientific […]

Bert van de Roemer || HAB

Around 1738 the young Carl Linnaeus cut away the redundant decorations from the folios with dried plants he had received as a token of gratitude from George Clifford for describing the banker’s hortus and herbarium in the Netherlands. The young naturalist had no interest in the printed adornments like vases, cartouches and banderols when he […]