Vintage Libraries (stock footage / archival footage)

Assorted vintage clips of libraries and card catalogs: EXT and INT New York Public Library, man enters library, uses card catalog, requests book from stacks. Librarian sends slip through pneumatic tube. Librarian pulls books and sends them in elevator. Light indicates that book has arrived, man goes to counter. Man looks through book in library, huge reading room. EXT „Kensington Public Library“ People browse brooks on library shelves. Elderly woman asks young librarian for advice. Teen boy enters library, looks at book shelf, uses card catalog, CU index cards. EXT „Highland Park Public Library“ Young boy and mother walk to library. Librarian helps young boy pick out book. Little girl uses card catalog. CU finger points at book spines and Dewey Decimel System numbers. Card catalog, CU index cards. Boy uses card catalog, looks at book.

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